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Exactly four months from today, Tracked will hit shelves, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! So I’m celebrating by firing off a double-shot of good news: 1. On the first day of Christmas, my true love (@coachmathmartin) gave … Continue reading

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Dear Reader, Allow me to introduce myself. I’m your favorite literary heroine. I know I’m breaking the fourth wall here, by writing to you directly, but it’s come to my attention that there’s been a lot of chatter about me … Continue reading

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Dear  Ms. Bowman, Yes, it’s true. I did fall in love with Gray’s story from page one. Before it sold. Before the beautiful cover and the incredible buzz. Before it became a book-shaped object on my nightstand. But you probably … Continue reading

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Dear  Ms. Mafi, Did you know that SHATTER ME was one of my *most* anticipated YA books of the year? Did you know that your blog posts are so funny and wise that I simply couldn’t wait to cheer the … Continue reading

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Dear Rosemary Clement-Moore, I know you wrote TEXAS GOTHIC for yourself and not for me especially (Althoughitsurefeltlikeyoudid, didyourealizethat?), but I thought you should know some of the reasons I think it’s the BEST BOOK YOU’VE EVER WRITTEN: a.) The gorgeous … Continue reading

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  Although Entwined is a retelling of the twelve dancing princesses, it stands on its own as an enchanting story, a fairy tale romance with unique elements of magic and suspense. Dixon’s story threads are at first golden and whisper light, but as the novel unwinds, … Continue reading

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So…looking for a YA thriller? I’ve got you covered! High Concept, Action Packed Story? Check. Northrop’s plot equation is genius: Seven mismatched, unprepared teens + One creaky, remote high school building x Eleventy billion falling flakes = Holy Cow, TRAPPED … Continue reading

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