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This might get weird. I’m just gonna put that out here, right up front. I’ve been in an especially reflective mood lately, and I’m pulling this post from that painfully honest well. Because something’s been on my mind. A series … Continue reading

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Last year, my sweet friend Erin Bowman posted about a letter she’d written to herself before her first books sold. She’d used a cool site called FutureMe, which allows you to scribble a letter to your future self and schedule … Continue reading

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Okay guys. From now on, whenever I spot/hear/read/eat/fall in love with an amazing/inspiring/delicious/brilliant album/book/snack/whatever, I’m going to try to pass on the awesome. I’m calling this new blog/twitter/tumblr series: Addictions You Should Adopt, because…well, we could all use a little … Continue reading

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Writing is… …the one thing you’re good at. …the hardest thing you’ve ever done. …just a career. …the one thing that keeps you going. …the daily grind. …the next stolen moment. …a windowless room papered with rejections. …an endless horizon, … Continue reading

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