Yes. That’s right. For a limited time, I’m offering my services as an editor and writing coach. Are you a developing fiction writer working hard to hone your craft, or an accomplished scribe, ready to level up, before hitting the query trenches?

If so, here’s what I can do for you:


First 50 Pages

For $250, I will read and critique the first 50 pages of your novel, manuscript, or short story. Within the manuscript, via comments, I will provide detailed, critical, constructive feedback on your work. In addition, I will provide a substantive editorial letter addressing the overall strengths and weaknesses of your pages. This letter will further illuminate my thoughts on your characters, setting, plot, pacing and voice. It will also include detailed suggestions for strengthening your manuscript, and readying it for publication.


First 50 Pages +

For $350, I will provide everything included in the First 50 package, and I will also offer a one-hour custom coaching session, to answer any publishing and writing questions you might have, and talk through your a revision plan. I will work with you to schedule this session within two weeks of completing my evaluation of your pages, and I will provide the coaching session via phone call or Skype, based on your preferences.


Query Special:

For $75, I will read, critique, and offer suggested edits on your query letter.


Custom Coaching:

For $100, during a one-hour session, I will chat, answer questions and offer personalized advice about your publishing and writing journey. I will be prepared to give you guidance. If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, we may meet in a local coffee shop, if you prefer. Otherwise, we will schedule a phone call or Skype chat. Coaching sessions will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. (Note: Custom coaching sessions are limited and subject to scheduling and availability.)


Full Manuscript Evaluation:

For $1200, I will read and critique your novel, up to 90,000 words. Within the manuscript, I will provide detailed critical and constructive feedback on your work. In addition, I will provide a substantive editorial letter addressing the overall strengths and weaknesses of your novel. This letter will further illuminate my thoughts on your characters, setting, plot, pacing and voice. It will also include detailed suggestions for strengthening your manuscript, and readying it for publication, and a one hour phone call or email chat to address clarifying questions. (Note: Full manuscript evaluations are limited and subject to scheduling and availability.)



Here is what I cannot do for you:


I cannot critique non-fiction, memoir or poetry. My area of expertise is fiction.


I cannot copy edit your work. I only offer content and developmental editing, which addresses the fundamental elements of fiction writing: character, setting, plot, pacing, and voice. While I can give you the feedback you need to make your story irresistible to readers, and line edit, it’s up to you to do the actual work of revising and perfecting your spelling and grammar. (Note: I can recommend an wonderful copy editor, and can give you her contact information, if need be. Just ask!)


I cannot guarantee you’ll be published, or that you’ll become an instant bestseller, or that you’ll garner a six-figure advance, if you take my advice. In fact, no one can guarantee that, because publishing is a subjective business. I can only use my expertise to help you make your story the best it can be.


I cannot reread your manuscript multiple times and provide additional, brand new feedback, for free. Once our transaction is complete and I provide you with my initial evaluation of your work, and answer your questions, the rest is up to you. You may ask clarifying questions about my feedback at any time, but if you want fresh reads of new drafts and/or further critique, you must purchase additional services. (Note: subsequent reads may be offered at a discounted rate, depending on the intensity of the work.)


I cannot refund your money because you disagree with, don’t like, or don’t want to listen to courteous critique. While I will always be respectful, professional, and encouraging in my critique, I won’t pull any punches. My job is to give you as much helpful, constructive feedback as I can, to help you level up as a writer and make your story shine. I will never be overly harsh, but I will offer lots and lots of challenging, honest advice and ideas. If that’s not what you want, don’t hire an editor at all. If you’re only interested in praise for your work, send your pages to your mom.


Who am I, and what qualifies me to offer these services?

I am a multi-published professional novelist, writing instructor and seasoned librarian; these experiences give me a high level of expertise and a unique perspective on the many aspects of writing and publishing. (My own books are published by Penguin-Random House, and my debut was named one of Paste Magazine’s and Teen Magazine’s ‘Best Books of 2015.’)

In addition, I hold a Master’s Degree in Library Science, and have extensive experience in professionally reading, reviewing, recommending, and evaluating literature in multiple genres. I’m also a longtime member of DFW Writers’ workshop and a veteran writing instructor who has paneled, presented and taught at numerous writing conferences, educational conferences, library conferences, book festivals, schools and libraries, including UT Arlington, DFWcon, Texas Book Fest, North Texas Teen Book Fest, TCEA, TxLA and San Diego Comic Con. In short, I love helping writers and I’m good at it.

I am the writing coach you’re looking for!


General Payment

All transactions will be completed through Paypal. I will invoice you, and I’ll begin working on your project as soon as you’ve paid me. I’m pretty fast, too!


Payment for Coaching

For custom coaching sessions, I’ll be setting aside time specifically for you, so 100% payment is required up front, the day before our session is scheduled.


Payment for Editing Services

For editorial work, 50% of the total cost is due up front, and the remaining 50% is due when my work is completed and ready to be delivered. As soon as I’ve received final payment, I’ll send the critique materials and follow up via email, to answer any clarifying questions you might have about them.



Critiquing is intense, painstaking, thoughtful work, but I will schedule delivery with you, in a timely manner, by mutual agreement. Normal turnaround time is one to two weeks, from initial payment to delivery of critique materials. If I’m fully booked and anticipate a longer wait time, I’ll confer with you, before moving forward and accepting any payment.



No refunds on editorial services, unless I fail to deliver your purchased critique materials and services within the agreed upon timeframe. No refunds on coaching sessions, after the fact.



Coaching sessions may be cancelled or rescheduled with twenty-four hours notice, since payment for a coaching session is not due until twenty-four hours before the session is scheduled. However, absolutely no refunds the day of, or thereafter, since I’ve already committed that time to you.


Ready to take the next step, and level up as a writer?

Contact me at, before I’m booked up!

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Marked Pre order giveaway

The race is on. The stakes are higher. Tracked’s sequel, Marked, releases in two weeks, and I’m sweetening the deal for all pre-orders.

TRUST ME. You want in on this. Here’s why: 

Everyone who pre-orders Marked (and e-mails proof to gets SIX under-wraps, get-em-until-their-gone, exclusive quote cards.

AND…everyone who e-mails proof of pre-order will be automatically entered into the GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY for: 

  • ANNNNNNNNNNDDD….a one-of-a-kind, custom-branded, pre-order-entries-only, your-name-on-it, MARKED racing jacket! 

Marked Jacket Front

Marked Jacket Back


The finish line’s almost here, so enter



Order from Indiebound (❤️), B&N, etc. here.

Pre-Order MARKED from Amazon here.

Pre-order campaign ends May 16th. Thanks, lovelies!

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Hey, there!

1.) I might be coming to a city near you VERY SOON, so come out and see me if you can! Check out the tour stops for Tracked’s Rock & Road Tour:

Tracked-Summer-2015-Tour-Info (1)

(Seriously. I want to see you. And not only will I be very sad and lonely, but I will also be forced to eat all the refreshments by myself, if you don’t pop in and say hello. At each stop, there will be amazing authors and book swag and hugs and surprises, too, so BE THERE.)

2. I will be appearing somewhere on July 11th, and I CAN’T WAIT TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT. (No, it’s not Scranton. Sorry.) Stay tuned! 

3. Are you a teen writer? Are you responsible for the care and feeding of a teen writer? Do you know a teen writer? If so, I’m teaching a free, three session teen writing workshop at Southlake Public Library. It starts next week, at 2 p.m., on June 11th, and all interested 13 to 19-year-old human beings are welcome. I promise…it’ll be an encouraging, supportive environment where participants will be able to learn, ask questions and get helpful feedback. More info here.


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My first book came out today, and I couldn’t be more excited. On the outside, I’m a bit jangly, fueled by espresso and a double-shot of pure joy. But believe it or not, inside of me, there’s a quiet sense of calm, fed by gratefulness and wonder.


Because Tracked is the book that almost wasn’t. It almost wasn’t written, and it almost didn’t make it this far. It’s a bundle of my imperfections, eighty thousand words or so, folded up and sharply creased. It’s my little paper boat, set out on the water.


And that little boat–my debut–may not reach an ocean of readers. It might disappear, whisked into the gutter of a vast and indifferent universe. It may travel a little while, jostled and bouyed by the same. It may find good company–other boats, tracking a course, alongside mine…some bigger, some smaller, some carrying the same dream.


And my dream? My dream is that mine finds yours, that my story somehow resonates with you, and becomes something new, unfolded in your hands. It’s my deepest hope that Phee’s story–the story of Tracked–is transformed by your own unique experiences and imagination, into something just for you.


But if my words don’t make it that far, I am happy still. I’ll keep making paper boats and sending them out into the great, big wide. Each one, I’ll put on the current, in the hopes that it finds you.


Much Love,
Jenny M.


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Dear Reader,

A long time ago, about six years ago, Jenny came home from the weekly visit to the supply store (Target) spouting words that might make any husband nervous.

“Don’t laugh,” she said. “I have an idea.”

From that beginning, came the idea to become a real writer. And if you know Jenny, once an idea takes root…it’s full throttle ahead. Jenny’s “chair for two” became, like Sheldon Cooper’s spot, her singular location in space, around which revolved an entire universe. Research books piled up—books on how to write, books on how to be a better writer, books on how to submit a book, books on books.

Book One begat Book Two (I was told not to reveal the titles). Book Two begat Book Three, which begat the book I hope you have pre-ordered, Tracked. If you haven’t, here is the link.

During all this time, Jenny tore through reams of paper, filled up hard drives, and sent more query letters than I though possible. She met people from all corners of the writing profession and persevered. Family members and friends were the first to read early, rough drafts. Advice came from people, from every direction. Rejection letters came, tears where shed, more letters were sent. One agent was found and later, amicably parted. Another agent picked her up. The right one. More letters, more tears.

Conor and I? Conor, our son, was the big dreamer. In his mind, he saw the book being published, the movie being made. But me? I was the problem solver, the one who gave the consoling hugs. When Jenny was ready to call it quits, I showed up with the new MacBook Air and said in my best coaching voice, “Keep going.” When the book sold, Conor and I weren’t shocked, this was supposed to happen.

Three years ago, Tracked sold, along with a second book. It was a small deal when compared to the Stephen Kings and J.K. Rowlings of the world, but it was a huge deal to us.

And it was always “us.”

There were delays, more tears, and a few new words that I shouldn’t share. We make our own luck became our motto. Jenny worked on bookmarks, book bags, posters, t-shirts and key-chains. I made manly things out of metal and fire. Family and friends did everything they could to help push the book.

And now it’s in your hands, or soon will be.

So I just wanted to tell you…unless you’ve been there, it’s difficult to imagine the work that went into creating Tracked. I hope you enjoy it, I believe you will.

Chris Martin

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Okay, guys. I haven’t blogged in a long, long time, and I probably shouldn’t be blogging right now, either. Tracked is almost here. I’m five weeks away from my debut’s release. What’s more, I’m right in the hairy-scary thick of it, working on revisions for book two.


And yet.


I’m itching to write this. I really want to put some love out there, for all the writers, and artists, and basically, anyone else who needs it. So here it is—my advice, to you:


If you’re struggling to succeed, you’re in good company.


Almost every single author I know has their own unique (yet somehow familiar) story of crushing heartbreak, setback and rejection. I’m no exception. My agent was not my first agent. Tracked was not my first book. Tracked wasn’t even my first (or even second!) book on submission. What’s more, it almost didn’t sell. Then it almost didn’t make it through revisions. And to be painfully honest, every now and then, it’s still almost impossible to fight off the hydra-head monsters of fear and self-doubt. And if you’re battling those monsters, too, it just means you’re on the right path. Those tricksy beasts only show up when you’re self-aware enough to grow as an artist. They smell your hunger for improvement, and they know exactly when you’re primed to level up. Yep. Naturally, that’s when they attack. So be aware, and embrace the fight. Push past it.


If you’re struggling to succeed, write the next book.


Or paint the next picture. Or sing the next song. The only way you’re ever going to move forward is to stop holding onto everything that’s rooted in yesterday’s ground. If a book isn’t working…if it’s getting rejected all over town, it might just be an eighty-thousand word clog in your creative drainpipe. It might be stoppering up the masterpiece you’re supposed to be starting right now. That book or whatever-whatchamacallit you’ve got now? It might be the project you need to set aside and revisit later, with new skills and new eyes. But of course, you’ll never know, unless you choose to start something new. Trust me. Begin again and rescue your tomorrow.


If you’re struggling to succeed, you need to get back up.


It’s normal to get knocked to the mat. It’s okay to get knocked to the mat. Pretty much everyone who’s ever tried anything has been knocked to the mat. More specifically, pretty much everyone who’s ever tried something great has been knocked to the mat at least a hundred times. And the people who achieve greatness? They’re the ones who kept getting back up, again and again. So if you’re there–right now, this second—give yourself a moment. Catch a breath and recover. Reassess and dust off your dreams. But then come up swinging. Scrap your way back onto your feet. Listen, you. You’re halfway to something great, just by answering the bell.



If you’re struggling to succeed, you’ll be prepared, when you do succeed. All the rejections, all the tears, all the heartbreaking close calls…they will season you for the next challenge, the next goal, the next victory. Everything you’ve already faced, and will face…it all makes you tougher and fiercer and stronger. And oh, how you will cherish the victories, when they come. Each and every setback will sweeten them tenfold, while increasing your capacity for gratitude, compassion and humility. And those victories will come. They are waiting for you, ahead.


So just keep going. I promise. You’ll see.


Jenny M.

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Exactly four months from today, Tracked will hit shelves, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! So I’m celebrating by firing off a double-shot of good news:

1. On the first day of Christmas, my true love (@coachmathmartin) gave to me…the debut present of a lifetime. Seriously. This Tracked-related surprise is made of hand-polished, custom-welded, plasma-cut steel. You can see it below, in Tracked‘s first official trailer! Check it out:

2. Today, we’re also announcing TRACKED‘S OFFICIAL CREW. By joining Phee Van Zant’s circuit rally team, you’ll be the very first to snag book excerpts, custom swag, and exclusive content. And did I mention prizes? Hit the starting line now, and lap the competition by winning BIG. Each month, from now until May, there will be wildcard giveaways and winner’s circle prizes for one-of-a-kind Tracked-related bags, posters, bookmarks, keychains, t-shirts, quote cards, autographed books, skype visits and MORE. There will be loads of opportunities to win, and multiple winners will be chosen for each lap! Trust me. You’re not going to want to miss this race, so join by signing up below!

TRACKED Crew Badge

See you on the starting line. ;0)


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