Limited Engagement…Jenny Martin Editorial!

Yes. That’s right. For a limited time, I’m offering my services as an editor and writing coach. Are you a developing fiction writer working hard to hone your craft, or an accomplished scribe, ready to level up, before hitting the query trenches?

If so, here’s what I can do for you:


First 50 Pages

For $250, I will read and critique the first 50 pages of your novel, manuscript, or short story. Within the manuscript, via comments, I will provide detailed, critical, constructive feedback on your work. In addition, I will provide a substantive editorial letter addressing the overall strengths and weaknesses of your pages. This letter will further illuminate my thoughts on your characters, setting, plot, pacing and voice. It will also include detailed suggestions for strengthening your manuscript, and readying it for publication.


First 50 Pages +

For $350, I will provide everything included in the First 50 package, and I will also offer a one-hour custom coaching session, to answer any publishing and writing questions you might have, and talk through your a revision plan. I will work with you to schedule this session within two weeks of completing my evaluation of your pages, and I will provide the coaching session via phone call or Skype, based on your preferences.


Query Special:

For $75, I will read, critique, and offer suggested edits on your query letter.


Custom Coaching:

For $100, during a one-hour session, I will chat, answer questions and offer personalized advice about your publishing and writing journey. I will be prepared to give you guidance. If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, we may meet in a local coffee shop, if you prefer. Otherwise, we will schedule a phone call or Skype chat. Coaching sessions will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. (Note: Custom coaching sessions are limited and subject to scheduling and availability.)


Full Manuscript Evaluation:

For $1200, I will read and critique your novel, up to 90,000 words. Within the manuscript, I will provide detailed critical and constructive feedback on your work. In addition, I will provide a substantive editorial letter addressing the overall strengths and weaknesses of your novel. This letter will further illuminate my thoughts on your characters, setting, plot, pacing and voice. It will also include detailed suggestions for strengthening your manuscript, and readying it for publication, and a one hour phone call or email chat to address clarifying questions. (Note: Full manuscript evaluations are limited and subject to scheduling and availability.)



Here is what I cannot do for you:


I cannot critique non-fiction, memoir or poetry. My area of expertise is fiction.


I cannot copy edit your work. I only offer content and developmental editing, which addresses the fundamental elements of fiction writing: character, setting, plot, pacing, and voice. While I can give you the feedback you need to make your story irresistible to readers, and line edit, it’s up to you to do the actual work of revising and perfecting your spelling and grammar. (Note: I can recommend an wonderful copy editor, and can give you her contact information, if need be. Just ask!)


I cannot guarantee you’ll be published, or that you’ll become an instant bestseller, or that you’ll garner a six-figure advance, if you take my advice. In fact, no one can guarantee that, because publishing is a subjective business. I can only use my expertise to help you make your story the best it can be.


I cannot reread your manuscript multiple times and provide additional, brand new feedback, for free. Once our transaction is complete and I provide you with my initial evaluation of your work, and answer your questions, the rest is up to you. You may ask clarifying questions about my feedback at any time, but if you want fresh reads of new drafts and/or further critique, you must purchase additional services. (Note: subsequent reads may be offered at a discounted rate, depending on the intensity of the work.)


I cannot refund your money because you disagree with, don’t like, or don’t want to listen to courteous critique. While I will always be respectful, professional, and encouraging in my critique, I won’t pull any punches. My job is to give you as much helpful, constructive feedback as I can, to help you level up as a writer and make your story shine. I will never be overly harsh, but I will offer lots and lots of challenging, honest advice and ideas. If that’s not what you want, don’t hire an editor at all. If you’re only interested in praise for your work, send your pages to your mom.


Who am I, and what qualifies me to offer these services?

I am a multi-published professional novelist, writing instructor and seasoned librarian; these experiences give me a high level of expertise and a unique perspective on the many aspects of writing and publishing. (My own books are published by Penguin-Random House, and my debut was named one of Paste Magazine’s and Teen Magazine’s ‘Best Books of 2015.’)

In addition, I hold a Master’s Degree in Library Science, and have extensive experience in professionally reading, reviewing, recommending, and evaluating literature in multiple genres. I’m also a longtime member of DFW Writers’ workshop and a veteran writing instructor who has paneled, presented and taught at numerous writing conferences, educational conferences, library conferences, book festivals, schools and libraries, including UT Arlington, DFWcon, Texas Book Fest, North Texas Teen Book Fest, TCEA, TxLA and San Diego Comic Con. In short, I love helping writers and I’m good at it.

I am the writing coach you’re looking for!


General Payment

All transactions will be completed through Paypal. I will invoice you, and I’ll begin working on your project as soon as you’ve paid me. I’m pretty fast, too!


Payment for Coaching

For custom coaching sessions, I’ll be setting aside time specifically for you, so 100% payment is required up front, the day before our session is scheduled.


Payment for Editing Services

For editorial work, 50% of the total cost is due up front, and the remaining 50% is due when my work is completed and ready to be delivered. As soon as I’ve received final payment, I’ll send the critique materials and follow up via email, to answer any clarifying questions you might have about them.



Critiquing is intense, painstaking, thoughtful work, but I will schedule delivery with you, in a timely manner, by mutual agreement. Normal turnaround time is one to two weeks, from initial payment to delivery of critique materials. If I’m fully booked and anticipate a longer wait time, I’ll confer with you, before moving forward and accepting any payment.



No refunds on editorial services, unless I fail to deliver your purchased critique materials and services within the agreed upon timeframe. No refunds on coaching sessions, after the fact.



Coaching sessions may be cancelled or rescheduled with twenty-four hours notice, since payment for a coaching session is not due until twenty-four hours before the session is scheduled. However, absolutely no refunds the day of, or thereafter, since I’ve already committed that time to you.


Ready to take the next step, and level up as a writer?

Contact me at, before I’m booked up!

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