Pre-Order Marked and WIN IT ALL!

Marked Pre order giveaway

The race is on. The stakes are higher. Tracked’s sequel, Marked, releases in two weeks, and I’m sweetening the deal for all pre-orders.

TRUST ME. You want in on this. Here’s why: 

Everyone who pre-orders Marked (and e-mails proof to gets SIX under-wraps, get-em-until-their-gone, exclusive quote cards.

AND…everyone who e-mails proof of pre-order will be automatically entered into the GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY for: 

  • ANNNNNNNNNNDDD….a one-of-a-kind, custom-branded, pre-order-entries-only, your-name-on-it, MARKED racing jacket! 

Marked Jacket Front

Marked Jacket Back


The finish line’s almost here, so enter



Order from Indiebound (❤️), B&N, etc. here.

Pre-Order MARKED from Amazon here.

Pre-order campaign ends May 16th. Thanks, lovelies!

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  1. Angel says:

    Awesome Jacket ☺

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