A Word from Mr. Martin

Dear Reader,

A long time ago, about six years ago, Jenny came home from the weekly visit to the supply store (Target) spouting words that might make any husband nervous.

“Don’t laugh,” she said. “I have an idea.”

From that beginning, came the idea to become a real writer. And if you know Jenny, once an idea takes root…it’s full throttle ahead. Jenny’s “chair for two” became, like Sheldon Cooper’s spot, her singular location in space, around which revolved an entire universe. Research books piled up—books on how to write, books on how to be a better writer, books on how to submit a book, books on books.

Book One begat Book Two (I was told not to reveal the titles). Book Two begat Book Three, which begat the book I hope you have pre-ordered, Tracked. If you haven’t, here is the link.

During all this time, Jenny tore through reams of paper, filled up hard drives, and sent more query letters than I though possible. She met people from all corners of the writing profession and persevered. Family members and friends were the first to read early, rough drafts. Advice came from people, from every direction. Rejection letters came, tears where shed, more letters were sent. One agent was found and later, amicably parted. Another agent picked her up. The right one. More letters, more tears.

Conor and I? Conor, our son, was the big dreamer. In his mind, he saw the book being published, the movie being made. But me? I was the problem solver, the one who gave the consoling hugs. When Jenny was ready to call it quits, I showed up with the new MacBook Air and said in my best coaching voice, “Keep going.” When the book sold, Conor and I weren’t shocked, this was supposed to happen.

Three years ago, Tracked sold, along with a second book. It was a small deal when compared to the Stephen Kings and J.K. Rowlings of the world, but it was a huge deal to us.

And it was always “us.”

There were delays, more tears, and a few new words that I shouldn’t share. We make our own luck became our motto. Jenny worked on bookmarks, book bags, posters, t-shirts and key-chains. I made manly things out of metal and fire. Family and friends did everything they could to help push the book.

And now it’s in your hands, or soon will be.

So I just wanted to tell you…unless you’ve been there, it’s difficult to imagine the work that went into creating Tracked. I hope you enjoy it, I believe you will.

Chris Martin

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2 Responses to A Word from Mr. Martin

  1. janettaylor497 says:

    This is soo awesome! I know how hard my husband has worked to help make my dream come true. And so it’s absolutely beautiful to see this, written by anothor hubby who’s been the rock the author stands on.
    I am so, SO happy for Jenny!! She is just one of the best people I know, and deserves this so much!!

    Have a fabulous launch!!
    Love u, Jenny!!

  2. Deb Martin says:

    Christopher & Conor…Jenny is blessed to have both of you. You are both blessed to have her. What an amazing incredible journey you have all been on together. Now…tomorrow the dream begins. We love you all so much. I got a text from Amazon today telling me my copy of “Tracked” will be delivered tomorrow. I’m sure they have no idea just who they are delivering this book to!! WOW!! Just amazing!! Just incredible!! Enjoy every minute.
    dad, deb & dylan

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