An Open Letter Erin Bowman, Author of TAKEN

Dear  Ms. Bowman,

Yes, it’s true. I did fall in love with Gray’s story from page one. Before it sold. Before the beautiful cover and the incredible buzz. Before it became a book-shaped object on my nightstand. But you probably didn’t know that each time I reread TAKEN, my excitement grew. The characters, the world, the SECRETS! All the twists and intrigue revolving around the Heist continue to thrill me even now, and it’s so satisfying to see your debut polished and shining and ready for the rest of the world.

Gray may have grown up in the sheltered world of Claysoot, but I know his path will lead him farther *and* further from everything he thought he knew. I know his heart is torn and that his dilemmas will only deepen that wound in the pages to come. His journey will put him on treacherous ground, in places dark and desolate, and all the while, I know he’ll be compelled to make choices and take a stand against forces so much larger than himself. I know he’ll learn that friends and foe aren’t always what they seem, and that being human is a choice, and not just a birthright. I know that he and everyone he fights for will never be the same.

Write faster, Ms. Bowman. I can’t wait for readers to take that journey with him.

Your Constant Reader

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  1. Pardon me while I sniffle and blow my nose. THANK YOU FOR THIS, JENNY!!! This has been a long crazy journey, and I’m so glad you’ve been with me from the beginning. And gosh, this note. Ugh. My feels. I’d say more but I’m a bumbling, incoherent mess right now. <3 <3

  2. Oh, wow! That’s an intense trailer. Hey, Jenny-do you have a trailer for “Taken”?
    Amy I just missing it?

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