Remember that time I needed you to help me pick out author pics…?

Yesterday was crazy and fun. I got some fantastic pro help from Connie (hair artiste!), Ash (make-up goddess!) and Amy (genius photographer at Amy Seiger Photography and Design!). And I ended up w/ a slew of surprisingly non-hideous, lovely shots. These aren’t cropped and edited yet, but there are so many potentials that I kinda need your help.

Out of the following, which do you like the best for business cards, book jacket, promotional use? Honest opinions (and mild fits of heckling) are definitely welcome, my sweet. FYI…The photos will also enlarge when you click on them.

Please let me know which I should use:

1.) Photo Mar 14, 3 14 24 PM

2.) Photo Mar 14, 3 28 40 PM (1)

3.)Photo Mar 14, 3 49 25 PM

4.) Photo Mar 14, 3 42 36 PM

5.) Photo Mar 14, 3 39 18 PM


This one isn't really a choice. I actually just think it's funny. I was imaginary chair sitting against the wall and the sun was burning directly into my eyes and the result? BURNING THIGHS = SERIOUS ANGST

This one isn’t really a choice. I actually just think it’s funny. I was imaginary chair sitting against the wall and the sun was burning directly into my eyes and the result? BURNING THIGHS = SERIOUS ANGST

7.) Photo Mar 14, 3 24 58 PM

8.) Photo Mar 14, 3 24 47 PM

9.) Photo Mar 14, 3 04 33 PM

10.) Photo Mar 14, 3 07 29 PM

So there you have it. Which one do I pick? Thanks for your help!

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40 Responses to Remember that time I needed you to help me pick out author pics…?

  1. Lavina says:

    You are stunning in all of them – especially 2 & 4. However, I feel 9 brings out everything beautiful about you – I can feel your joy author library mom friend…..

  2. SOOOOOOO gorg! My fav is #9 followed by #4!

  3. Kathy Dawson says:


  4. Jeanne says:

    I vote for either 3 or 4. I think it’s the badass leather jacket. 🙂

  5. These are great! I like 1 the best-I think it’s the most back-of-the-jacket-ish. 4 is fun b/c of the jacket, and 9 is a really nice one of you, but looks more snap-shotty than back-of-the-booky.
    Also—will you have the option of color vs. black and white on your author photo? In future paperback printings (or anything else), you might consider what the b&w version looks like, too. I think photo 1 will translate really well to b&w, also. You look all intense and serious and intelligent. (Because you ARE right? Or are you just faking it for the photo?) Also-the lighting is perfect, and the highlights on the right side of the photo will also really pop in b&w. I used to manage a painting/photography art gallery, so I have lots of opinions on these things. Can you tell?

  6. Tony Espositp says:

    #9. Yes, definitely not #6. Caption for that might read “oh, no, not another ‘take’?….. 🙂

    Best of luck.

  7. Hey, Jenny! I vote for #3. After you crop it, it’s going to be perfect.

    Although the badass pictures are badass, I think it’s better if you’re smiling. It’s more inviting.

    And in #3 you have this natural beautiful smile. The hair looks great, too. 😉

  8. Britney says:

    They all look GREAT, Jenny! I think I’d have to go with #1 because it looks the most “author photo”-y. Can definitely see it on the back of a book. I’m so excited for you!

  9. Sally says:

    7- you look happy, approachable and gorgeous!
    4- you look author-y but not grimace-y.
    9 – is the most accessable but not necessarily the best representative of the mood of your book.

    But you are gorgeous in all of them. Kudos to your makeup artist and photographer!

  10. I like 7 the best, because that’s such an approachable, kind smile, and approachable and kind are what you convey of yourself so well in your online life. You also look like you’re genuinely happy to be there, which is more important than almost anything, I think. (My second choice also shows joyful teeth [3], but needs cropping.)

  11. jamey says:

    2 4 and 9

  12. Nikki Duncan says:

    I say 9 or 4 for your site/blog/twitter and 1 for your press kit and anything “professional”. The site/blog/twitter are more casual and open, which is why I think 9 or 4 for those. 1 is perfect for anything that could be printed in b&w and even though you aren’t showing off your gorgeous smile your friendliness still comes across in the eyes,

  13. Thalia says:

    I think #7 is the best one! I like it when authors smile in their photos. (:

  14. Debra Lynn Lazar says:

    Fantastic photos! My faves are 3, 7, & 9 – I adore your smile. ;-))))

  15. Cheryl Goin says:

    I like 9. Your personality comes through.

  16. Sis, for me it’s definitely 9 with 4 as honorable mention. You’re too much fun to not show it.

  17. 1,4 or 9, good luck cuz,

  18. Hi Jenny, Mitch Lavender sent me over her to congratulate you – so congratulations on the book deal! 🙂

    Yes, your smile is lovely, but number four looks most like an author pic to me.

    Best of luck.


  19. hastywords says:

    I really love 9!

  20. david says:

    I like photo #9 it seems youre at a country coffee house in the early fall.

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