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So…looking for a YA thriller? I’ve got you covered! High Concept, Action Packed Story? Check. Northrop’s plot equation is genius: Seven mismatched, unprepared teens + One creaky, remote high school building x Eleventy billion falling flakes = Holy Cow, TRAPPED … Continue reading

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For me, Gwen Hayes’ debut, FALLING UNDER, is a slice of gourmet dark chocolate torte. It’s the scrumptious, forbidden dessert I shouldn’t be allowed to order–the one I can’t resist devouring. Sound delicious? Take a look at the ingredients: 1 … Continue reading

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A couple of weekends ago, I hosted a session at the 2011 DFW Writers’ Convention called Bringing Pages to Life.   The class was loads of fun–I met a lot of terrific writers, and since then I’ve been immersed in reading and … Continue reading

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